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Fribbly Blog #4: Season of the witch.

WOW it's been a busy month! Two big events, loads of development on our debut game Violet's Visions, and of course we're finally in cosy season which means lots of Witch themed activity.

If you're new here- welcome! Find out more about our upcoming game Violet's Visions here. And make sure to catch up on our latest blogs.

Get into spooky season with our witch inspired Spotify playlists. Listen here.

Events events events!

Event season is certainly in full swing (we're going to need a few more pumpkin spice latte's STAT).

Kicking off with WASD where our founders Gianluca and Stuart hosted panels for our friends at Into Games. Gianni chatted to Level Designers from Hangar 13 about their remake of Mafia. And Stu was joined by 10:10 Games to discuss their new project with Funko on a new game that brings to life favourite characters from across the ages.

Next up EGX, where we were invited to host a talk on the Barclays Rezzed Stage. We had an amazing turn out and some great conversations about Early Stage Games Marketing. We spoke about our journey marketing Violet's Visions, how to explore new channels as a small team, taking risks, and managing marketing budgets. We loved getting to chat with so many attendees afterwards- hopefully some of you are reading this today too.

Team Highlights

On a bright pink background. A photo of Leonie, a white woman with short blonde hair, they wear a bright pink cord blazer. Text reads Leonie Schliesing, Voice Actor.
Leonie Schliesing

Introducing the voice of our Violet, Leonie Schliesing (She/They). Leonie is a German-English Voice Over Artist. Recent work includes voicing Aurore in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty (yes the one the world is thirsting over), and Toka in Assassins Creed Valhalla. Find out more about their work here.

On light purple background is a collection of potion knacks. To the left a small blue ribbed cauldron, from inside peers a three eyed black cat. There's a potion bottle covered in what looks like a melting skull, it oozes like green smoke. Another bottle stands behind it, tall and covered in a roughly sewn purple cover. Lime green smoke emerges from around all of the items.
Potion Smoke by Llum de Palau

A special guest appearance from Llum de Palau (She/They), who's been working on some incredible illustrations based off our Witchtober (Inktober) prompts.

Head to our instagram to see more of her work.

Dev Diaries

Narrative: We've been doing some work on the timeline for Violet's Visions. We're working through how to champion Violet's main story, while also teasing ongoings in the wider world for players who'd like to explore more of the land of Erenay.

Magical mechanics: Gianluca has been working hard ideating and prototyping some new mechanics for potion making, spell casting, and visions. And we've created a new idea for tarot reading, so our seer protagonist (and players!) can seek hints from Spirits and Gods.

VFX: Stu has been crafting some awesome new VFX to bring magic to life throughout Violet's Visions. We're working on getting them into the game to compliment our new mechanics.

Thank you!

Thanks for reading. Every website visit, like, comment and share helps us bring Violet's Visions to life. We're so excited to be bringing so many of you on this magical journey with us. If you're enjoying what we're up to please consider sharing with a couple of friends and let's expand our coven!

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On an old piece of paper, Violet writes a tarot reading. With the arrival of Otsodor, the earth's embrace beckons. A time of rest and reflection.  Engage in the Rite of Rest, take stock of your endeavors, and harvest the wisdom that autumn's bounty offers.   From stability, you shall find the strength to weather life's transitions.
Violet's Autumn Tarot Reading

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