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Black Sky

Solve mysteries with magic!

The words Violet's Visions in white lined with neon pink. In the middle is an upside down triangle with an abstract eye inside.

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Violet Leon, the protagonist of Violet's Visions. Violet is a slim anthropomorphic cat witch. She wears a purple corset over a puffy purple dress. Underneath are ankle length trousers. She wears green accessories. Her fur is a light brown, and here eyes shine yellow.

Join The Witches Council

Our cauldrons are bubbling away brewing our new game, Violet's Visions.

Search through trinkets and treasures left by your witch predecessors.

And use spells & potions to uncover the secrets of your ancient new home.

Solve mysteries with magic.


Game Name: Violet’s Visions

Genre: Narrative Driven, Mystery, Cosy Game, Puzzle Game.

Cast Spells, Explore, Discover, Collect, Combine, Solve.

Players: Single-player​

Platforms: PC, Switch

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At Fribbly Games, our team is a whimsical bunch of passionate creators dedicated to crafting magical gaming experiences. Together, we bring dreams to life and make magic happen.

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