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You play as Violet, a new witch on the Witches Council, who has been granted a house as part of her new role. Just as a great shift in magical energy occurs across the land of Erenay.


On arrival she starts to see visions that seem to send her hints of secrets to uncover . And she finds a letter explaining her predecessor had to leave abruptly. 

The words Violet's Visions in neon white with a shocking pink outline. In the centre is an abstract image of an ete in an upside down triangle.

The Visions

As she enters the ancient Vukana House Violet starts to have visions that hint to mysteries concealed around the home. Search among trinkets, books, and knick-knacks to find answers. 


Armed with a collection of spells and a potion-making cauldron, Violet must decode her mysteries and uncover the past (and future) of Erenay.

Meet other Witches on your journey, keep your secret love hidden, strengthen your seer powers, and solve mysteries with magic.

an in game image of a messy library. There are boos scattered on the floor, piled high in corners, and scattered over a desk. There's a large printed rug and a fireplace to the right.
Violet Leon, the protagonist of Violet's Visions. Violet is a slim anthropomorphic cat witch. She wears a purple corset over a puffy purple dress. Underneath are ankle length trousers. She wears emerald green accessories. Her fur is a light brown, and her eyes shine yellow.
An in game image of a dining room. Cobwebs and torn wallpaper can be seen high on the walls. In the centre is a large table, laid with plates and cutlery.

Experience of Play

The player takes on the role of Violet, a witch who has moved into an old house filled with remnants of a mystery person. On arrival the player sees visions that guide them towards actions and items around the home.


Chose to follow the puzzle clues straight away, or explore the house and learn more about the world. Explorative players reap rewards from reading item descriptions and completing optional puzzles. And more focused players can enjoy a linear gameplay experience.

The Violet's Visions icon. An abstract icon of an eye in an upside down triangle. The icon is white with a neon pink outline.

F A Qs

What kind of game is Violet's Visions?

Violet's Visions is a magical, puzzle, RPG, with epic lore and encouraged adventure. mind.

What else can I expect from Violet's Visions?

A whole planet (and beyond) of magical beings, Spirits and more. A queer love story, power imbalance, a world on the brink of war. Stunning visuals designed with style and character in mind. Gameplay with a magical feel. All wrapped in a cosy game that is intriguing and explorative.

Where can I play Violet's Visions?

We're currently focusing on building the game for Switch and PC.


Who created Violet's Visions?

Fribbly Games! Learn more about our indie game studio here.


Who publishes Violet's Visions?

Right now we're looking for the perfect publisher for Violet's Visions. If you think that might be you, reach out to us at


How can I keep up to date with Violet's Visions?

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