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The Land Of Erenay

Discover the ancient history of Erenay. The land where Violet's Visions takes place.

Erenay is inhabited by magic beings of different races, magical specialities, and beliefs. Learn how Erenay was formed, why the land has three moons, and what part Violet has to play in all of the land's unfolding stories.

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The Natural Order

Cause no harm, protect all living things, and use your energies only for positive effect.
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The Breath Of Life

All life is magic,all magic is life!
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Engineering Magic

Are your intentions good? Will you protect your Warlock kin above all else? Restore the balance.
An in game icon from Violet's Visions, its a black potion cauldron.


The Breath Of Life

When Magic Divides...

The Mystics had come to form a certain way of life, using magic to grow plant life, build homes, make fires, and generally be productive.


Until one, called Ozul discovered crystals had absorbed and stored within them the energy of Leto (The Crystal Moon).


Up until this point, all magic had been cast one spell at a time. Ozul foresaw that if you created a machine using these crystals, the machines could cast spells for you. So he set about inventing machines that would revolutionise Erenaian's lives.


Some Mystics liked this new "crystal magic", others were very much against it. Those that used crystal magic called themselves Warlocks, and those who used only "natural magic" called themselves Witches.


There's no record of Ozul anywhere from before or after this crystal magic discovery. But one thing is clear, crystal magic siphons the energy and life force of life on Hecate, depleting her of essential energy.

"Hecate, a celestial symphony spun from stardust threads, its core a crystalline heart ignited by cosmic whispers. Leto and Vesta, the lunar guardians, imbued our world with their radiant embrace, casting a tapestry of purple hues upon our enchanted stage." - Mystics of Hecate

An in game icon from Violet's Visions. Its a small bronze stove kettle.

Witches Of Erenay

The Natural Order

Natural Magic

Witches of Erenay believe when using magic the final outcome should "cause no harm", this means that no living thing be it plant, animal or any type of mystical or conscious being come to harm, of any kind. Especially not death.


Although witches believe that all energy is connected and that death is just a part of that process, they also believe that the ultimate goal is to orient your energy to be as positive as possible before you die, therefore to end another being's life before their natural end is to turn both the energy of that being and your own to a negative state.


Many believe they are never justified in doing any harm.

Some others are ok with casting a curse or two, and others are fine with doing harm to prevent others from doing more harm, especially if that harm is towards defenceless aspects of nature.

"When the ethereal wanderers graced our nocturnal skies, a delicate equilibrium was forged between luminosity and shadow. Shine, a fleeting dance of radiant grace, unleashed the wolves' arcane potential, while gloom became the cradle of hidden strength, birthing resilience from the depths of obscurity." - Mystics of Hecate

An in game icon from Violet's Visions. It's a brown leather bound book.


Engineering Magic

Magic, Blood, Water,

all flow the same.

Warlocks believe that the final outcome from the use of magic does not matter, what matters is your intention.


If your intention is "good", especially for the betterment or benefit of all Warlocks then whatever the final outcome, that is the correct and natural result, even if it harmed or killed another being.


They believe all energy is connected and that death is merely a transition from one state of energy to another, like water turning to steam. So death, as a result of the use of magic, is a natural event.


With this Warlocks believe that Witches are creating a disturbance of "balance" in the natural energy of all creation by pursuing an ever-increasing amount of positive energy by their way of life, and so seek to orientate their energy as negatively as possible to counteract this potential imbalance.

"In the dance of creation, Hecate breathed life into mystical forms. The wolves, guardians of crystal secrets, embraced the shimmering moon's touch, their magic intertwining with the roots of ancient knowledge. They became weavers of stone and flame, their enchantments echoing the harmonies of the universe." - Mystics of Hecate

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