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Fribbly Blog #2: There's a lot of documents.

It's Blog #2! And as the title suggests we're getting down to business.

The Fribbly Founders have been hard at work sorting through trackers, agreements, contracts, NDA's, future planning, and more. We had a special anniversary, and of course there's a bunch of game demo updates to share.

If your new here or need a reminder, find out more about our upcoming indie game Violet's Visions here. And make sure to catch up on our latest blogs.

News and Updates

We're showcasing our updated demo at another event, find us at Thurrock Screen Culture Festival on 25 August. Find out more and get your tickets here.


The Hecate IP turned one! As of Aug 15th 2023, our IP is one year old! To celebrate we posted some facts about our three mooned planet, its magical inhabitants, and the land's vast ecosystems. Check them out on our instagram.


Team updates

  • Our Marketing Director Roxanne has also stepped into the role of Producer.

  • We're onboarding a new team member who'll be working on some written assets, and our community channels.

  • We're speaking to an awesome Voice Actor who'll be becoming Violet for our demo. More on that soon!


It's been time to talk business!

The Fribbly founders have been getting together regularly to sign, document, update and organise all of our official documents.

Business side that's included aligning on the future of Fribbly Games, agreeing shares, signing contracts, and updated NDA's for everyone.

Game wise, we've been building a thorough GDD, tidying up asset folders, archiving irrelevant files, and preparing for the full game build.

New here or need a reminder of Violet's Visions? Head here for more info.

Dev Diaries

In our last blog we mentioned finding some cool book assets (catch up

here). And over the past couple of weeks we've been working this into the demo, starting with the Botany Book.

an open book in a game. It shows a large bulb like plant called a Citrome Shinedrip.
Testing a page in the botany book.

We now have a handwritten font for Violet and her Witches Council predecessor. We can now create written assets like diary entries and letters much easier. (Read to the end for a taster).

And finally, Gianluca has made a bunch of UX updates and upgrades, including a marker to let you know you've picked up an item.


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Hecate Facts Part Two:

A handwritten note on an old piece of paper reads: As flames dance in the Month of Pyoral, so does the spirit of transformation. A  time to release that which no longer serves you is upon us as The Pyre Rite approaches.  The fire's embrace purifies and renews, enabling rebirth from the ashes. Reflect on what you're ready to let go of,  and allow Pyora's fire to guide your metamorphosis.
A seasonal tarot reading by Violet.

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