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Fribbly Blog # 1: Demo's, dream team, and the to-do list for our new witch game.

Hey, it's about time for us to officially introduce Fribbly Games. And get you up to speed on our first game currently in development, Violet's Visions.

We're an indie studio based in London, UK. Made up of three founders, and a collection of multi-skilled creative devs.

We've just brought our first demo into the wild, debuted at Medway Gaming Festival, and are now into the next phase of dev! It's an exciting time for us, and we'd love to take you on our journey. Let's start by introducing you to our new witch game Violet's Vision.

Introducing Violet's Visions

We're working on our first game, Violet's Visions.

Play as witch-cat Violet, newly appointed to the Witches Council. She's given a home, the ancient Vukana House, named after the spirit Vukana. On arrival she finds that her predecessor left in a hurry, their belongings scattered around the home.

What happened to the last witch to stay here? What's up with the Witches Council? And what do Violet's Visions mean?

Cast spells and brew potions and solve mysteries with magic. Find out more about Violet's Visions here.

Violet's Visions is a point and click RPG. We're aiming to bring players an epic story, with stunning art, great audio, and fun and alluring gameplay. Check out our next blog for an introduction to our playable witch Violet.

Our First Demo

Ahead of Medway Gaming Festival we turned our basic build into a pretty solid demo. Lots of attendees played through to the end, and we had some really great feedback.

We got together after and went through our thoughts, uncovered some sticking points, and realised we needed to build out our story, introduce new mechanics, and have a general polish all around. So we're now into Phase 2!

Meet the Founders

Stuart De Ville, Founding Director and Game Designer. Serial entrepreneur and longtime game dev with 10 years experience in the games industry and a further 10 years in the creative industries before that.

Gianluca Montaque, Game Design Lead and Programmer. Gianluca is driven to craft emotive experiences that leave players curious, captivated, and engaged.

Roxanne Marshall, Marketing Director. Ex-Hotelier turned growth marketing expert, squiggly career queen Roxanne has a passion for storytelling, and offbeat, engagement-focused marketing strategies.

Three headshots on a green background of Stuart, Roxanne, and Gianluca. They all smile at the camera, their names are underneath.

Dev Diaries

Gianluca sourced some awesome book assets for Violet's Journal, so we have more space to utilise on the screen. This will allow players to follow their various tasks, and see what they've completed.

And a Botany book that you can take with you to explore the Vukana House garden, full of unknown, magical plants for potion making. Currently the book is static in your kitchen, but players found the back and forth a bit of a pain. Over time we'll add illustrations too.

We're looking at new mechanics to differentiate potion-making and spell-casting so it's clear which is which. And we want to it to feel interactive for players. Solving mysteries with magic should feel as magical as it sounds!

Finally we're working on building out the full story, both for the demo and the full game. The lore of Violet's world is massive, and extends far beyond her own story. We're working on how we bring more of that into the game, and make Violet a great character herself.

Listen to our playlist inspired by Violet's Garden, curated with the help of Lucia La Rezza who created the audio for our demo. Find it on Spotify here.

What's coming up?

We've brought new people into the team to polish up some elements on the game. We're working on our pitch deck to reach out to potential publishers, applying for various programs, updating the Fribbly brand, and looking for more events to demo Violet's Visions.


Want to hear more from us? Make sure to follow us on socials!


Hecate Facts Part One:

Erenay is the land where Violet lives, on a planet called Hecate. Hecate has three Moons. One provides Light and Magical Energy, harnessed by Witches. One controls the tides. And the mysterious metallic moon causes the long day/night cycles.


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