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Fribbly Blog #3: New brand, new ideas.

Welcome back friends! It's been a great month for our studio, showcasing at our second event, new changes to the game, and a rebrand!

We'll be using our blogs to share more about the ins and outs of running an indie game studio and creating a game. So if you've ever dreamed of doing the same, let us take you on our journey.

If you're new here find out more about our upcoming indie game Violet's Visions here. And make sure to catch up on our latest blogs.

News and Updates

We've rebranded!

On a solid peach background the words 'Fribbly Games' in a slightly rounded font. To the left is a slanted potion bottle, swirling inside is sparkling liquid with a slight outline of a moon and stars.
Fribbly Games

Fribbly Games has a new logo, icon, and colours. You'll still see Violet's purples but we now have a separate look and feel for our studio. Huge thank you to Wilson Illustration for creating our Logo and Icon. Check out more of Tyler's work here. Let us know if you'd be interested to learn about the process of creating and implementing a new brand.

We showcased at our 2nd event, Thurrock Screen Culture Festival.

Three people stand smiling at the camera. Stuart to the left is a white man wearing all black with a grey shirt. Gianluca is in the middle, he’s a Black man wearing a black tee and blue jeans. Roxanne is to the right, she’s a white woman with wavy ginger hair. She wears a hat and a flowy black dress.
The Fribbsters

It was the first time our founders met together in person, and it was super productive! We were able to ideate and discuss as players gave us direct reactions. And while we left with a big to-do list, we're super thankful for the opportunity to get real time feedback. We totally recommend any indie game studio to get fresh perspectives from people not so familiar with the game, even if it's friends and family. It's been super valuable seeing Violet's world through other people's eye. Although beware, fellow dev's will find breaks for you to fix. (We're thankful for that too).

Team spotlight: Lucia La Rezza.

On a pink to orange gradient background, to the left a photo of Lucia a white woman with short red hair. The left side of her head is shaved. To the right reads Lucia La Rezza, Violinist, Music and Audio Designer.
Lucia La Rezza

Meet Lucia, the brilliant talent behind our demo Music. Lucia is violinist both in video games and IRL, and has crafted fun, whimsical, and moody music for our demo. Keep an eye out on our social channels for a sneak peak at some of the tracks she created for us.

Check out more of her work and book her for your own game creations here.

Dev Diaries

Overhauling our objectives

We know our game inside and out, so Violet's journey and the actions you need to take are obvious to us, but from some public play testing we know that's not necessarily the same for everyone. So we're overhauling the objective tracker. If you've seen the video of a dad getting his kids to explain to him how to make a PB&J sandwich? We're using that approach and it's been really handy.

Exploring a few things

We're looking into a few updates to the UX, like adding hot keys for spells (currently it's own mini menu from Space Bar), adding tooltips to your inventory items, and exploring new ways to navigate the Vukana House.

New Mechanics

We're getting together next week for an ideation session to figure out which route to take for some new mechanics. Violet's Visions tag line is 'Solve mysteries with magic', and we want players to feel like they're doing just that. Our main focus will be on Spells and Potions.


Thanks for reading! Every view of our website, like on social media, and mail list sign up makes a difference to indie game studios. And we're really excited to be bringing you on this journey with us.

We'll shortly be opening up our discord to bring you even closer, including some opportunities for even more public group testing.

Catch you on the next one, where we'll be introducing you to our newest member of the team, the voice of our protagonist Violet Leon.


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Hecate Facts Part Three:

Flora's Melody

As dusk falls over Erenay, the air comes alive with the enchanting glow of Luminary Fireflies.

These tiny, bioluminescent insects emit soft, soothing light that locals believe carries the whispers of departed spirits.

Gathering by riversides or in tranquil gardens to watch these fireflies has become a cherished evening ritual, providing a sense of connection between the living and the beyond.

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