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Our Top Ten Indie Witch Games

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Adventure across magical lands, cast spells and brew potions. What's not to love about witch games? We've put together a list of our top ten games about witches from indie studios.

From cosy farm sims, to dark and spooky narratives. High combat exploration, and fairy tale inspired RPGs. Each one of these titles about witches brings their own little bit of magic to the player.

10. Noita (Nolla Games)

Create your own spells and navigate by adapting the world around you. Play with the elements to journey through almost completely interact-able levels.

9. Wytchwood (Alientrap)

Play as an old witch and explore the creature filled countryside to gather items and cast spells. We like how you're gently led through the game's narrative with quests. Made all the more enjoyable by the charmingly spooky music, and fairy tale art.

8. Lawmage Academy (Verinius)

Play as a student at the secretive Lawmage Academy. Find your Academy house and get to class! Make friends and explore beautiful locations, fight beasts, and search for potion ingredients.

7. Little Witch in the Woods (Sunny Side Up)

Uncover stories by helping out the town folk and solving puzzles. Ellie, a Witches apprentice, has a magical hat that helps her on her adventures. Expressive character portraits bring Ellie's story to life, as well as the people she meets along the way.

6. Black Book (Morteshka)

Play as a young sorceress in this Slavic folklore inspired dark fairytale. The adventure RPG has a morality system, allowing you to lead your own story. With card based battles to win and mythical creatures to meet. It's completely voice acted, and set to some beautiful yet eery tunes.

5. Songs of Glimmerwick (EastShade Studios)

A witch academy RPG with a twist, cast magic with music! Use your flute to cast magic and learn skills- like talking to frogs. Clear out the overgrown botanical garden and grow your own potion ingredients. Or explore the colourful land and meet magic creatures along the way.

4. Ikenfell (Happy Ray Games)

A turn-based, tactical RPG about a group of troublesome magic students. With over 50 (!) spells to learn, monsters and bosses to beat, and time based attacks, there's so much to explore. The cheeky characters are alluring, and keep the story fun and full of energy.

3. Magical Delicacy (Skaule)

A witchy 2D platformer with bright and beautiful pixel art. Hone your cooking skills to brew potions and tasty treats for your townsfolk. Grow as a witch and unlock new areas and uncover the islands secrets. Meeting mysterious travellers and magical creatures along the way.

2. The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood (Deconstructeam)

Fortuna is exiled by her coven and forms a pact with an ancient creature to find her freedom. Build tarot style card decks and use divination to explore stories across time and space. And grow your witch community to define the fate of the Cosmic Witch society.

And our Number One Indie Witch Game...

1. Violet's Visions (Fribbly Games)

Heh yes that's our game! But we think it's AWESOME.

Play as Violet, a new witch on the High Coven. Explore her ancient home, scattered with belongings of witches past, historic texts and items to use for spells and potions.

Played in two ways, explore and reap rewards (and epic lore), or follow a linear path and complete puzzles. Either way you'll enjoy stunning art, beautiful music, and a whole world of mystery and magic.

Violet's Visions is set in Erenay, a land with huge lore to uncover. The history of this three mooned land is full of ancient magic, ethereal beings, witches, warlocks and more. Make sure you follows us for updates and releases. And learn more about Violet's Visions here.


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